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Women’s Guide Book to Becoming a Natural Leader

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Cracking the Harmony Code

The Woman's Guide to Becoming a Natural Leader While Maintaining Harmony in the Workplace.

Harmony Pyramid Workbook and Guide to Successful Relationships

Includes Step-by-Step Workbook to Guide You to the Top of the Harmony Pyramid!

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From Camilla Gray-Nelson - Award Winning Author and Entrepreneur

Take-Away Solutions for the Natural Leader... at Work or Home.

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The Natural Leader Uses "Influence Through Instinct"....

In Cracking the Harmony Code, award-winning entrepreneur and best-selling author, Camilla Gray-Nelson, reveals Mother Nature’s secret code for achieving personal and professional goals. Using “influence through instinct,” she guides you up Nature’s Harmony Pyramid to its pinnacle of success, peace and happiness.

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In Cracking the Harmony Code, I share with you Nature’s amazing secrets:

  • How anyone can succeed, even without rank or power.
  • How to turn conflict into cooperation.
  • Why we argue or fight.
  • How to heal division and build unity at the office or at home.

How the Natural Leader Succeeds While Maintaining Harmony

leadership & harmony At Home AND in the Workplace

Table of Contents

PART ONE: Pyramids, Secrets and Archetypes

  • Six Tiers to Harmony
  • Tier #1: Trust: I believe in your character, honesty and ability
  • Tier #2: Situational Awareness: I understand our “pecking order”
    in this particular situation
  • Tier #3: Personal Boundaries: I realize the limits and expectations
    of my present position
  • Tier #4: Acceptance: I accept this present arrangement
  • Tier #5: Social Success: We are cooperating, and I am getting
    what I want
  • Tier #6: Harmony: We are happy together
  • Secret #1: Humans are Animals, Too
  • Secret #2: Instincts Rule: Intellect plays catch-up
  • Secret #3: We Can’t All Be Top Dogs …and that’s OK
  • Secret #4: Beware the Conflict Twins: “Same” and “Equal”
  • Secret #5: Know Your Rung!
  • Secret #6: The Negotiation Elevator Goes Up or Down, Never Sideways
  • Secret #7: Choose the Right Shoes for the Conversation
  1. The Bessy-Boss Archetype: The Quietly Fearless Leader
  2. The Ritzi-Rude Archetype: The Emotional Over-Reactor
  3. The Scaredy-Cat Archetype: The Unsure Avoider
  4. The Nellie-Nice Archetype: The Trustworthy Queen of Influence
  • The “Bessy-Down” Method of Directing from the Top
  • How Bessy Got Her Status
  • Bessy’s Fearless Follow-Through Model
  • Nellie-Up: The Nellie Method of Influencing from Below
  • At Work
  • Parent-Child Relationships
  • Marriage and Personal Relationships

PART TWO: Using the Harmony Code to Win at Work, Parenting and Love

  • Using Bessy-Down with Your Staff
  • Bessy-Down Action Guidelines
  • Situation 1: Not Following Directions or Company Policies
  • Situation 2: Failure to Complete Tasks or Meet Deadlines
  • Situation 3: Absenteeism and High Turnover
  • Situation4: Rivalry Between People or Departments
  • Situation 5: Gossip
  • Situation 6: Office Cliques
  • Are There Any Staff Situations Not Solved by
    Bessy-Down Leadership?
  • Using Nellie-Up and Instinct-Savvy with
    Your Boss
  • First, Get in the Right Frame of Mind to Call
    on Your Inner Nellie
  • Your “Nellie-Up” Guide for the Workplace …
    with Your Boss or Supervisor
  • Situation 1: Feeling Undervalued or
  • Situation 2: Low Pay
  • Situation 3: Passed Over for a Promotion
  • Use Nellie-Up with Your Coworkers and Why
  • Your Nellie-Up Guide for the Workplace … with Your Coworkers
  • Situation 1: Not Fitting In
  • Situation 2: Slackers
  • Situation 3: A Coworker Doesn’t Seem to Like You
  • Situation 4: Bullies
  • Situation 6: Gossipers and Troublemakers
  • Situation 7: Saboteurs and Backstabbers
  • Yo Mama! Bessy-Down Makes You Effective
    with Your Kids … and Why
  • Your Bessy-Down Action Guide with Your Kids
  • Situation 1: Arguing and Talking Back
  • Situation 2: Defiance
  • Situation 3: Direct Disobedience
  • A Word About Consequences
  • Situation 4: Having to Repeat Yourself
  • Situation 5: Not Listening
  • Situation 6: Fighting between Siblings
  • Situation 7: Rebellious Behavior
  • Children Want a Hero
  • Using Nellie-Up with Your Spouse or
    Partner … and Why
  • Your Nellie-Up Action Plan with Your Spouse or Partner (info-box)
  • Lessons in Marriage from My Mother
  • The Conflict Twins Are Nipping at Your Heels
  • Situation 1: Lack of Communication;
    Not Listening
  • Situation 2: Money Issues
  • Situation 3: Housework and Chores
  • Situation 4: Trust and Infidelity Issues
  • Situation 5: The Controlling Spouse

Your new perspective will forever change how you view your relationships and profoundly reshape how you interact with the people closest to you. No longer will you be surprised, disappointed, or ticked off about what your husband, kids, or coworkers do or confounded about why they do it.

What Readers are Saying

Although the secrets and advice in this book can be used by everyone, it is written particularly for women...

…..women who are struggling to get ahead; exhausted and stressed out by juggling work and family; trying to raise healthy well-adjusted kids in a difficult world; or trying to keep peace at home with their husbands and at the office with their coworkers.

This book reveals how, by understanding universal instincts and Nature’s unwritten rules of social harmony, you can make small shifts in the way you approach and perceive your closest relationships. Those small shifts can help you understand and anticipate behaviors in those around you so you can cleverly redirect them to achieve the results you truly want.

With this new perspective and the practical tools which I outline in this book, you can leave behind anger and frustration and calmly go about getting what you want and need at work, at home, and in relationships. You can also avoid the pitfalls on the path to your goals that so often siderail success and devolve your well-intentioned determination into conflicts, misunderstandings, and struggles.

Crack the Harmony Code

How the Natural Leader Succeeds While Maintaining Harmony

At Home AND in the Workplace

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